We at Chatham County Animal Services want to assist you in your efforts to reunite you with your pet.

You may view a list of reported-found and stray animals at Chatham County Animal Services here: https://chatham90.org/found-pets-at-chatham-county-animal-services

Report Your Lost Pet to Animal Services

If We Have Your Pet

If you believe your animal is already at Animal Services, please call 912-652-6575 to set an appointment to walk through our holding areas to identify and reclaim it. We are open 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 6 days a week (closed Wednesdays and major holidays). We also keep physical listings of Found Pets you can look through while here, in case the animal is on its stray hold offsite. If you do not see your pet we recommend you come in at least every other day to check if your pet has been picked up. Reclaim fees apply for initial impound, vaccinations, and boarding.

Please note: No money transactions will be completed after 4:30 PM, which includes adoptions and returns to owners.

Locating Your Pet

Provided below are some tips that you may find helpful in your search.

  1. Place an advertisement in the Savannah Newspaper (652-0225), Pennysaver (238-2040), Tell-N-Sell (927-7731) and the Spirit of the Westside (748-3567). Consider offering a reward to the public. Lost and found ads are FREE in these papers. Be sure to include the date and area where you animal was lost or found.
  2. Post signs in nearby convenience stores, grocery stores and veterinarian's offices, not on utility poles. If a picture is included on the sign, it is easier for someone to identify your pet.
  3. Check with your mail carrier, garbage collectors and other individuals who regularly frequents your neighborhood.
  4. Check on Craigslist.org website.
  5. Check Lost and Found Pets in Savannah GA on Facebook.
  6. Check with ALL veterinarians
  7. Place a piece of your worn clothing in an outside area near your house. Dogs can pick up a scent a good distance away.

We hope this helps in your search for your beloved pet. If you have not already done so, you should consider micro-chipping your animals, and PLEASE put their tags on their collars.

Chatham County Animal Services Staff